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the situation in uganda. a bomb injured a teen from maryland. she was on a mission trip with her church. . >> reporter: vick, emily kerstetter's is stable, she called home, shared laughs with family and friends. but the family spokesman says even though she is good spirits she has a very long road to recovery. emily kerstetter's' recovery is far from over with more surgeries scheduled and new health dangers for the 16-year- old who was injured in a terrorist bombing in uganda. a spokesman woman shared the latest on her condition. >> she had a blood clot in her vein, in her leg. they scheduled her for another test to see what her oh vains were doing. >> she spoke to em expem said she the in good spirits. >> she doesn't remember anything from the explosion which i think is good. >> the leader remembers the aftermath, writing i touched my own face and head because i could taste blood and felt warm liquid which i assumed was blood. i had no idea what happened. as people were screaming and moaning i know the thought flashed through my head, bombs. it was a flash of a finger and a blink of a
of the live rain is still in the great state of maryland. a few sprinkles coming along interstate 270 down through frederick, maryland, into upper montgomery county. some showers in howard county, maryland, drifting southbound into northern prince george's and northern anne arundel. plenty of clouds left. a few light rain showers. certainly, not more than about .10 of an inch of rain at the most. with the afternoon clearing, warm today. a little break or two of sunshine. temperatures will quickly climb into the mid and upper 80s. out west towards the blue ridge, because they will get the sunshine first. >> thank you, chuck. montgomery county police are investigating after a man was shot and killed near wheaton high school. police say they found the 27-year-old man on randolph rode around 1:00 a.m. when they responded to the area for a call of shots fired. the man was suffering from at least one gunshot wound and died at the scene. around an hour later, police say another 27-year-old man walked into a nearby police station and turned himself in. >>> he related that he was involved and respo
a deal with maryland prosecutors. he showed up in court today in maryland. brianne carter is like to tell us what happened with this. what is the latest? >> dilante west was very apologetic in court today, ashamed by his actions. it started in september of 2009 when officers pulled him over on the beltway for speeding and reckless driving. police found two handguns, and more than 100 shotgun shells and a ninth. today he entered a guilty plea on two of those charges for carrying a concealed weapon and carrying and transporting oil loaded handguns. today he was sentenced to eight months home detention and two years' unsupervised probation and will continue psychological counseling and community service. we heard from him as he spoke out after court. speaking out and saying he was glad this was over and behind him, saying he was very apologetic and could move on with his career. he said if his career is affected by this, he knows he will be able to move on and work in a career where he can continue to counsel youths as he has done in the past. brianne carter, abc7 news. >>> moving on to othe
violated state wiretap laws. that's because maryland is one of a dozen states that requires all parties to consent before somebody makes a recording if there's an expectation of privacy. expectation of privacy on the side of the road? stop it. former prosecutor tom canipp is with us. they can record us but if i have a camera mounted in my car or on my bike, on an open road, i can't record what the police officer does? >> interestingly, with respect to the maryland statute and a lot of jurisdictions with the two party consent laws, consent applies to the audio, not necessarily the video. in maryland, the problem is the fact that he taped the audio conversation with him and the police officers and you get into the issue of whether there's an expectation of privacy. >> you know, my experience has always been, correct me if i'm wrong, if you're in an open place where anyone can hear you and see you, for instance on 38th and 6th avenue in manhattan. somebody records what us, that's fair game. >> absolutely. i walked here today from midtown and was recorded from cameras all over. >> and audio
100 there. cool near 60 in western maryland. it looks like a hot day there as well. the higher elevations should be ten degrees cooler from washington all the way up the atlantic seaboard. temperatures will be near 100 degrees. yesterday we did not go code red. it is a code orange day. frat was code red. today the forecast is for code orange so the air quality may be a little better with better ventilation. anyway, reduce outdoor activities to help the air quality. should go to 100 or 101 in the cities. and clear tonight in the 80s through the evening and 70s tomorrow morning. another hot day and more humidity, deeper layer of humidity tomorrow. thursday and friday, some relief thankfully from the high heat and needed rain. thursday and friday and saturday. then we'll dry out and cool down a bit on sunday and monday. how's the traffic? >> no overnight road work. all of construction workers had the day off. that's helping traffic and the flow. did have street sweepers on the capitol beltway. they traled the outer loop and on the inner loop, they may have moved on. just be aware
. >>> and the maryland race for governor and who robert ehrlich will pick for his running mate. much more ahead. femannouncer: from jennifer, for a limited time only, an incredible 12-piece living room for $599, with a sofa, chair, three tables, two lamps, and more. a 12-piece living room, just $599, only from jennifer. you don't have to spend a lot to have good taste. >>> i have found that partner, that maryland partner to help us turn things around and that partner is mary kane. mary. >> thank you, bob. >> that's bob ehrlich as he announced his running mate as he vied to regain the governor's mansion. he made the announcement on facebook last night. his choice mary kane lives in potomac in montgomery county. she was the secretary of state from august of 2005 until he left office. >>> new laws take effect today around the area. in maryland a new law aimed at cutting down on foreclosures kicks in. it will require mortgage companies to negotiate with borrowers to come up with a more manageable payment plan before beginning foreclosurring -- foreclosure please -- foreclosures. >> and a crackdown
annapolis, 73 in fairfax, 72 in arlington this morning. 73 in rockville and 70 in frederick maryland. here's a look at the satellite radar combination. that area of low pressure now spinning its way off the jersey shore and moving up toward cape cod, massachusetts as it moves away from us. we get a north to northwesterly breeze back in here, that will turn things toasty warm again. mostly sunny today, we do have shall patchy fog around the area first thing this morning. highs back up into the low to mid-90s and another super nice but ever so hot day coming up for tomorrow so the rest of the workweek today and tomorrow, hot, and tomorrow humid, as well. as we get into the weekend, chance of passing showers and thunderstorm, but it's not going to be a washout of a weekend, so your outdoor plans for the most part will go off uninterrupted. >>> good morning, everyone. a lot of overnight road work. on the capital beltway in virginia, in particular. 66 blocked, but most of that has been wrapped up, so good news there. trip around town, montgomery county, most of the major roadways looking pretty
western maryland. rainfall chances will linger here through the morning hours at least. about lunchtime today that area of low pressure should start to make good progress out of the area. after about noontime the showers will be lifting on out and the rain showers will go away with them. what we'll say for the forecast, morning clouds and showers, afternoon clearing, warm and humid, mid-90s and sunshine return for tomorrow and for friday. we're almost done with the rain. wet roads for the morning commute. >> good morning, everyone. the capitol beltway could be troublesome in virginia between springfield and i-66. a couple of spots along braddock road and i-66, look out for high water. any construction zones where the jersey walls are up probably will not drain well so we'll watch it carefully. elsewhere we'll see where your commute is going down the i-270 spur. so far so good but plenty of road spray so be very cautious. >> have your walking shoes ready this morning if you have to use the dupont circle metro station. some of the escalators may still not be working. crewed worked through
history of heart disease. he suffered five heart attacks. the first when he was 37. >>> a maryland man will be charged with drunk driving, after police say he hit several parked cars and then crashed into a store. customers describe a terrifying scene, as they saw the car heading straight for them inside a crowded store. thankfully, though, no one was seriously hurt. >>> and it was open season on beachgoers in san diego. at least 30 swimmers and surfers were injured by stingrays yesterday. most of the victims were stung in the leg and treated on the beach. but two were taken to an area hospital. experts say such a large number of stingray attacks is unusual but not unprecedented. >>> the second half of baseball's season gets under way tonight. and golf's third major tournament of the year, the british open, begins in scotland. as for highlights of other sports, we get those from espn news. >> good morning. i'm max bretos. a slow sports day. but the tour de france, stage ten. riders went through the southern alps. look at this, two french riders. take the first climb in unison. nay shak
gets the house, the car. but who gets the dog? how one divorce case in maryland may change the way pets are viewed when a marriage splits up. carol costello's got a "gut check" for us ahead. >>> checkin this morning. as we cross the half-hour, three employees at the u.s. embassy in paris are being treated for poisoning after opening their mail citing a french police source, reuters says the exact nature of the poisonings is not yet known. the source also did not know the seriousness of the employees' condition. no comment yet from the u.s. embassy. >>> turns out the number of graves mislabeled or mismarked at arlington national cemetery is way more than originally thought. as many as 6,600 graves at arlington may have been affected in this. the army's previous estimate is much smaller. around 211 plots at the military burial ground. >>> this is now the deadliest month for u.s. troops in afghanistan since the war began nine years ago. in the past 24 hours, nato says three american soldiers were killed in two different blasts in southern afghanistan. that brings july's death toll to 63. >
in gaithersburg, maryland, about 20 miles north we have of the nation's capitol. the quake was felt by as many as 3 million people in the mid-atlantic region. there were no reports of injuries or damage, but residents flooded 911 lines to report the rumbling. let's get more now from someone who actually felt it. cnn producer trish chicka, who was at home in kensington, maryland, when the quake hit and joins us right now on the phone. what did you feel and hear? >> caller: hi, fredricka. i had just gotten out of the shower at the time, and all of a sudden i felt you know, my -- the bottom of the tub was vibrating. the low, deep rumble. the windows, or the window flight my shower, it was rattling. it felt like a train or a huge truck was going by, but, of course, i would have had to been right outside my window if that were the case. it didn't make any sense, and i felt this momentary, maybe low level feeling of panic. i'm in the shower. i'm thinking, that's kind of a vulnerable place to be. should i -- >> were you thinking, this is a tremor? an earthquake? or thinking something else was going o
a trench when he fell into a large hole on maryland avenue on capitol hill. it took firefighters about 20 minutes to free the worker. he was rushed to a nearby hospital with serious but non- life-threatening injuries. >>> the washing ton redskins has reached an agreement. the deal, which has nearly $3 million -- $37 million has a guaranteed holdout after will ma'ams messed the first day of training camp. >>> albert haynesworth has failed his conditioning test, this for a second consecutive day. he was forced to sit out training camp in ashburn. when help finally returned to redskins park yesterday, haynesworth was told he would have to pass a conditioning theft before being allowed -- test before being allowed to practice. >>> part two of metro's fare fare hike also take effect starting sunday. those using the metro rail will pay an extra 5 cents per trip. the price of an -- another will be cut in half. a morning rush our surcharge will be added in late august. >>> local members of congress will meet with the national transportation safety board, and they will go over this week's findings
, we're back out in poolesville, maryland. we'll be down at wayland common from 6:00 until 10:00. >> i hear it is beautiful. >> oh, man, it is great. >> it will be hot again today. >> definitely hot an humid again today. we are still monitong a coupleof very light showers and sprinkles but i think they will be more numerous and intense. a couple of light showers down to the south and east down towards the patuxent river. you might encount are a quick sprinkle or light shower on your way to work this morning. but later today, by the evening evening commute, they will be much more numerous and i'll show you why here. let's get to satellite-radar. off to the west and north we go and we have an upper level disturbance coming through. we have this very warm, very humid unstable atmosphere. that is a combination for afternoon thunderstorms this time of year. an some of those will be potentially on the strong side so be ready for that. current temperatures, we are warm, not hot yet but we will be in about an hour. 76 at reagan national. 73 at dulles. 77 at bwi marshall. tiew points in the low
'malley is making the tough choices... to move maryland forward. how many ways can you be comfortable? an energy efficient infinity air conditioner by carrier can save you up to 56% on your cooling costs, while also reducing your impact on the environment. which is better for where you live, and better for e we all live. turn to the experts during cool choices and get up to $1200 cash back on an infinity system by carrier. [ cheers and applause ] >>> it's always fun. have a great day, everyone. >>> now, the forecast certified most accurate by weather rate and maryland's most powerful doppler radar. >> good morning. here's your day planner for your day today. a chance of thunderstorms and showers. that's a good bet, and it will be humid out there. temperatures will be in the upper 80s to about 90 degrees. we will go over to the radar, and we are seeing showers and storms on radar out there, and you can see the radar right in here. that's not it. here's the radar shot. showers starting to build back into the area, and we are keeping an eye on northern carroll county and that's going to make its wa
because of maryland's high taxes. >> arthel: maryland is in the black as well. >> we went from 1.8 billion dollar deficit to 220 million surplus. for the two year budget cycle we were expecting a four billion dollar deficit and we've evened that out too. we are are holding the line on tax. something the federal government should try. >> arthel: are you going to be talking to the feds? >> look, it is not a virginia miracle, just common sense. whole the line on taxes, cut spending and focus on jobs. it worked in virginia. i hope it works in the federal government too. >> arthel: if you are holding the line how do you increase revenue? >> you bring more jobs like we are bringing grumman many paying over $100,000 a year. >> arthel: 72,000 jobs created? >> since february virginia has created over 72,000 jobs this is helping our revenue, corporate returns are up, individual tax returns are up this is the way to go. if you try to raise taxes, companies are gonna go elsewhere. if you have this spending companies are going elsewhere. >> arthel: what is the company headquartering there? >> grumman.
. our congressional correspondent is here. you went to that district on the eastern shore of maryland? >> yeah. this is maryland a 's first congressional district, republican leaning but the democrat frank kratovil won in 2008. he'll likely face a familiar opponent in republican andy harris. >> so help you god? >> so help me god. >> congratulations, mr. president. >> reporter: what a difference a year and a half makes. but will it make a difference here? this is one of the most competitive congressional races in the country and republicans say if they're going to pick up the seats they need to take back control of the house of representatives, they must win here. in 2008 democrat frank kratovil beat republican andy harris, a state senator. but just barely, by less than 1% of the vote. and 2010 looks like a rematch. this is a time when politically it's pretty difficult to be a democrat. >> it is but, you know, this has always been kind of a middle of the road district. >> reporter: that's why kratovil talking here with local manufacturers is emphasizing his independence. >> we have to
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post" that noted that montgomery county, maryland, one of the five richest counties in the united states is now serving 15,000 free meals a day to children who would otherwise go hungry. this is an increase of nearly 15% from previous summers and i'm sure most of these children come from families who have lost their unemployment and have no other way to buy food for their families. nationwide, an estimated 16 million children will go hungry million children will go hungry this summer. i'm not sure what it will take for the republicans to wake up and recognize that there are literally starving american families. we cannot wait one second longer. george bush said he was a compassionate conservative. very simply thrown away, the word compassionate. they are just conservative. they will not take care of working people in this country. he e i yield back. the speaker pro tempore: the gentleman yields back the balance of his time. for what purpose does the gentlewoman from florida rise? ms. ros-lehtinen: unanimous consent to revise and extend. the speaker pro tempore: without objection.
, maryland. david, are you with us? caller: hello? host: welcome. i see that you are calling on the democratic line. go right ahead. do you think that national security and intelligence security are keeping us safe? caller: know. if it was about the bloated budget that we have, what about one week ago? but why would like to say to all of the chicken hawk republicans, if you would like to balance the budget, bring the military people home and save that money, but the fbi and the cia do the job they did not do after 9/11. bush gave medals the people that should have been fired. someone it messes with us? we turn them into a parking lot. simple. thank you. host: looking at politics in "usa today," the reflections of an anxious electorate." "new to politics, this stay at home mom has become the director of the local tea party patriots, leaving some of the headed up to -- leading some of the had it up to hear conservatives. their favorite candidate has gone from longshot the front runner in his race against a former lieutenant governor, who is backed by the republican establishmen
is to go of our esteemed colleagues, steny hoyer of the maryland senate, now serving his 15th term in the house, the longest serving member of the house of representatives from maryland and history. he is known for guiding the landmark americans with disabilities act of 1990 and he is continue to fight for the rights of the disabled. congressman jim langdon -- jim langovan represents rhode island. in 1994, he became secretary of state and rhode island and served there until his first election to congress in 2000. he is a member of the house foreign services committee and chair of the strategic subcommittee. users on the committee a select intelligence and on the house committee of the budget -- he serves on the committee of the select intelligence and on the house committee on the budget. >> i appreciate the opportunity to be here. the green light is on. am i on? i appreciate the opportunity to be there -- to be here. i am also -- >> could you move the microphone closer? >> there? i am still pleased to be here. i was speaking about two giants in the promotion of the americans with
. she is joined by her husband jamie who is a state senator of maryland with a very distinguished career and their three children. she is a 1986 graduate of harvard law school. she also graduated from amherst college magnum collodi in economics and 5 beta kappa. in 2007, she was appointed commissioner in the state of maryland. she has done an outstanding job in supporting banks to the challenges of the financial crisis. she has been praised by the maryland bankers association and the maryland consumer rights coalition for a fair, balanced approach to regulation in our state. that is no easy task to get both the bankers and the consumers to believe that you are doing the right thing and i applaud her for her dallas leadership in the state of maryland. -- for her balanced leadership in the state of maryland. she served on the joint economic committee to congress. i am sure shall continue her commitment to keep our banks safe and sound for dedication and work ethic are tremendous asset to our nation at this critical time. i wholly -- i wholeheartedly recommend terminatioher nominat. >> paul
.c., maryland, virginia and west virginia and delaware say they felt it. wolf, did you feel it? you are in bethesda, right? >> yes, i felt it. i jumped out of bed and i didn't know what was going on. it lasted for 15 or 20 seconds and might not have lasted that long, but it shook me. you don't live far from me, and did you feel it? >> yeah, we both live in bethesda, maryland, and i did feel it and i knew what it was, because i have grown up in areas with earthquakes, so my husband and i both looked at each other and said earthquake, so we knew what was going on, but it was a little stunning, because it is not something that you encounter everyday? >> no, i have lived in this area for 35 years and i never have felt it. i have experienced earthquakes in california and mexico, so i knew what it was, but it was very strange. thank you very much. let's hope it does not happen again, and there are no aftershocks. >>> did disgruntled state workers collect data on people they suspected of being illegal immigrants, breaking the law themselves in the process? standby. >>> and also, concern ab
to the beltway. i-395 has a delay to the pentagon and we will take you across the 14th street bridge. maryland traffic has been nice on 270 in and out of baltimore and out of tyson's. >>> it looks like friday morning traffic in the summertime. it is a great day pretty cold front we had yesterday which triggered damaging storms but had beneficial rain. the northerly winds behind it dropped the dew point to 56 so much lower humidity. woodbridge is 65 degrees. we are on our way to 86 degrees this afternoon with a lot of sunshine and similar to marla and by sunday, added clouds and temperatures in the lower 80's. >>> virginia railway express will present its newest express train today. it is the first of 20 new trains the area is putting into service over the next year-and-a-half. the are also introducing a state of the art locomotive. the new trains are environmentally friendly. we will be back with another ♪ i got a feeling that tonight's going ♪ ♪ to be a good night tonight's going to be ♪ ♪ a good night tonight's going to be ♪ ♪ a good, good night >>> you are beautiful. en masse.
us back to what we will agree is a balance. host:isted call from a democrat line in maryland, good morning. -- let's take a call from the democrats line in maryland, good morning. caller how can they take somebody's wages away from them? some people that do the job do not make enough to make ends meet. so, when you get unemployment, it is really not enough. when you combine them both and a look at what is going on in this country, out in the w guest: thank you. i would just say to you that i hope lots of callers are listening. your two senators have been supporters of this from the beginning. let's just hope they can convince some of the others of their colleagues in the senate to vote the right way tomorrow, to vote for people who are good americans try to find employment. this bill would give them the extension they need until the end of november, only up to 99 weeks so they can put food on the table. host: dallas, texas, republican column. good morning. caller: good morning. i am a republican, i just turned 47 in june. i lost my job in may of 2009 after 12 years with city financ
's northeast corridor are often shared by commuter railroads like maryland's mark trains which are self powered and faster longer distant trains. they're powered by electricity using overhead cat and wire system which transmits the electricity. the lowest wires transmit the energy, the highest wires in the system are essentially lightning rods. those high wires are made of copper, they're quite thick to carry lightning. copper is valuable and can be sold as scrap metal. in february an amtrak employee noticed a man rolling up some of that copper wire along the rail systems right of way in prince georgia's county. the man sort of looked like he belonged. >> he had a hard hat on and safety vest. >> reporter: but something didn't look right so he challenged the man who ran away. the employee noticed the wire had been cut and dropped from one tower and then cut at ground level at the other end. he called amtrak police. ultimately two 50-year-old men were indicted. george bridge water jr. and ray harvey walker, a source familiar with the investigation says detectives believe the men climbed t
part of their yards. at a meeting today, maryland transportation officials considered adjusting the track path. now, it would require about 5 homes along talbot avenue to lose the front lawns. home owners, however v not been told about the plan and that did not go over well with the montgomery county council. >> it's hard enough -- . >> the specific homes on a specific map. >> that you will, quote -- >> whenever i hear, that i go oh, my goodness. we needed to work this out with the county first. >> okay. >> and i assume that that county -- it was important to notify the community of what is under discussion before it worked out. is that true? >> they agreed to notify the home owners. >>> and the fire department -- they have awarded the department 3 1/2 million dollars to help with the fire- fighting efforts. that will allow to hire. >>> we have new information on a recall of millions of popular serials. kelloggs said higher of levels in the plastic package lining is to blame for five people getting sick and other people complaining that the serial had -- cereal had an unusual s
in the vicinity of detrick, maryland. white says in the years past, area b was used as a biological and chemical testing area. he claims over the years, contaminants from the site have been causing a cancer cluster. >> i'm saying 100% that's causing the cancer, yes. yes, we've hired experts, we've got scientists, we have scientific proof. we have over 430 people in this area that now have cancer. >> at a recent town hall meeting organized by white, a couple hundred people shared their stories of having cancer or knowing sun with the disease who lived near area b. we shrifted the area and family after family told fox news they suspect their various cancers are coming from area b at fort dedric. >> do you have cancers in your family? >> yes we've had 12 of our immediate family that has died with a rare leukemia. >> the brothers and their children and then the grandchildren have all died with this very rare erythro leukemia which could possibly be environmental. >> cancer is the main cause of death in 87-year-old grace cole's family, recently claimed the life of a son and now is a threat to her oth
of alexander zaporozhsky's sons lives in maryland. one neighbor is ready to roll out the welcome mat. >> he's done so much for this country. i hope he's able to come here and live a nice life. >> reporter: some of the men reportedly left families behind in russia. no word yet on what exactly will happen to them. bianna? >> yunji, thank you. >>> we return to medical news and two, big drug stories. johnson & johnson is recalling more of its over-the-counter drugs. and the fda is raising questions about the safety of avandia, a diabetes drug taken by more than 2 million people. here to talk about these stories, dr. marie savard. i want to begin with avandia. there's been questions about whether it can lead to heart attacks, going back to 2007. why is the fda reopening this case now? >> that's true. so many people are taking this drug thinking they're lowering their risk for heart attack. the fda have not agreed on the safety issues. there's a lot of new data. there's been question of whether this most recent industry-sponsored study is not really interpreted correctly. >> we should note that h
in rockville, maryland and measured 3.6, the shaking started after 5:00 a.m. washington time. there are no reports of injuries or damage but a lot of people were start telled by that unush shaking. >> firefighters in solano county are busy this morning watching for flare-ups from a grass fire in venetia, the fire started 3 yesterday afternoon in the 1400 block of goodyear road along 680. fire officials believe it started when a tree fell against a power line and that caused a spark. the fire burned about seven acres and was out in about an hour. no injuries or damages were reported. >> time now 6:05. well sheriff's deputies near tracey say they want to know what happened to a small herd of horses found dead and dehydrated. a driver noticed those horses lying in a field long interstate 580 west near mountain house road. in all five horses were found dead. two were still alive but they are very weak. a veterinarian says their condition is fragile. she also says the animals appeared to be well fed. >> they were well nourished, it wasn't that they were you know without food, but
it as far away as west virginia and pennsylvania. it was a 3.6 quake centered in rockville, maryland. it started just after 5:00 washington, d.c. time. there is no word yet of any any juries or damages but this rare earthquake there rattles the nerves of residents. >> the fire started 3:00 yesterday afternoon in the 1400 block of goodyear road along interstate 680. fire officials believe it started when a tree fell and brushed against a power line causing a spark. that fire burned 7 acres and was out in an hour. no injuries or damages reported. oakland police are releasing photographs of some of the people who looted businesses in downtown oakland last week, after they johannes mehserle verdict. the police want your help in identifying the people you see in these photos. several businesses were looted, including the sears store, a footlocker store, and several small family owned businesses. business owners who were effected, they are also asking anyone who has photos from that night to give them to the police. >> whoever got the video, whoever got the pictures, you know what i am say
in the middle of the country. we'll talk more about them this morning. >>> "good morning, maryland," i'm meteorologist justin berk. when you step outside, you get a breeze of nice, refreshing air. we're into the 60s with some 70s around the bay and downtown. a lot of sunshine mixing with a hue high clouds west and south of baltimore. still expecting a mostly cloudy sky. we're down to about 86 degrees and near normal. as we head through tonight, low 60s. partly sunny on saturday 87. more clouds and showers on sunday. text your friends. this is a party in the park not to be missed. chris? >> all right, sam. robin just went to grab her parka. she's going to meet you there in two minutes. go to him? >>> chelsea clinton is getting married tomorrow. it's going to be lavish, glamorous and expensive. according to one estimate, $250,000 just for the flowers. sharyn alfonsi is in rhinebeck, new york, where the wedding is taking place on a private estate. good morning, sharyn. >> reporter: good morning, chris. this is where the v.i.p.s are expected to stay. they're supposed to be arriving in a fe
at the cleveland clinic, he'll testify at today's hearings and joins us this morning from maryland. dr. nissen, thanks for being with us. >> my pleasure. >> i'm sure you've reader this morning in the "new york times," they're reporting the makers of avandia found their drug to increase heart problems all the way back in 1999, a study conducted then, and they did not submit that data to federal drug regulators as is required by most cases by law. what do you make of allegations that perhaps senior management sought to bury this data because it was unfavorable toward their drug? >> well, comingality the 11th hour here before this advisory committee hearing, this certainly does not help them. there is lots of evidence they've known for a long time that their drug was harmful and sought to downplay it. unfortunately that will play out very badly for them at this hearing. >> so today the fda will decide over this course of two-day hearing avandia's fate. you published a study back in 2007 that started a lot of this, people who took avandia said, according to your research, you say they face 43% hig
: there is a rematch in terms of governments -- governors in maryland, bob ehrlich trying to reclaim his seat from martin o'malley. in california there's a lot of concentration on jerry brown, who served in the 1970's through the 1980's, trying to come back in -- against meg whitman, who last cal spent $81 million of her own money to become governor. guest: that is right. and she will be spending $120 million before it is all over. there have been candidates in the past in california that have spent hugely and lost. michael huffington and darrell i saw come to mind. it is not any guarantee that she will win. democrats think that they have a fairly good shot because she has moved to the right to win her primary and because voters in primary may not think it is time for an outsider. they tried that with governor arnold schwarzenegger. the experience may not be negative for former governor brown. it is not a great landscape for democrats. but there are some bright spots and possibilities. host: we spoke to congressman beryl eisa -- darryl isa, he was asked about the immigration issue and the impact i
. in maryland along i-270, pretty much wide open from montgomeriville all the way down. >>> coming up this morning on "news4 midday," wow your friends and neighbors with the perfect party. we'll tell you how to do >>> 7:30 on a friday morning, july 30th, 2010. we've got country music star carrie underwood with us live in concert. we'll get to that performance. >>> meanwhile, inside studio 1a, i'm matt lauer with ann curry filling in while meredith has the day off. good to have you here. >> thanks. always good to sit next to you. >> thank you. what it's it like to be in the middle of an attack by a grizzly bear? we'll talk exclusively to two survivors of what became a deadly bear rampage at a camp ground near yellowstone. >>> and a grave interview. the father of the 15-year-old girl, you may remember her, phoebe prince, who teens were accused of bullying to death, well the father has spoken out about his daughter's suicide, and what he says actually might surprise you because he does talk about the kids who have been accused. those details are coming up. >>> all right. on a much happie
communicators ," on mine safety and the cable industry in europe. with the maryland attorney general and cable europe president. that is tonight on c-span2. last year, president obama created a commission providing policy advice on by zero ethical issues. . >> i would like to introduce diane as our designated federal officer. that makes this meeting legal. good morning. i am amy gutmann, chair of the presidenal commission on the study of bioethical issues. our co-chaired jim wagner will introduce the first session. we are now starting the second day of our meeting on synthetic biology. yesterday, we heard from some of the leading experts in synthetic biology. we received a very clear overview of the science. we learned about the likely future applications and benefits. we heard about some of the potential risks and other ethical concerns. let me fantasize that this is the first of three meetings on this topic. rome -- let me emphasize that this is the first three meetings on this topic. we a planned this one to be an overview. we will take a deeper dive in september at our next meeting. it is
doing the irish jig down the street. new york city and down the coast of maryland and delaware, that's the exception. a lot of sunshine just about everywhere else out there. as far as what we're dealing with. the current heat index feels like 93 in d.c. and yesterday the heat index peaked around 105 and today right around 100. the actual forecast, 95 in d.c. compare that to 100 yesterday. the humidity is up, too. also very hot in atlanta today and look at our friends out west that are waking up with. portland, oregon, 100. we don't want to forget the heat wave they're just starting. tropical depression number two just about to make landfall south of the texas/mexico border. a nonevent out there. just a lot of rain in areas of southern texas. >> okay, bill, thank you. >>> and president obama getting off of marine one. he's heading over to air force one and, of course, he's heading on a combined political and economic trip today. he is campaigner in chief heading to missouri and nevada to help push along some democrats who are in senate races in both states, but he will also be talking
are blocked out of the insurance market. >> reporter: popper who ran the maryland state high risk pool before he took his post at h.h.s., estimates as many as 400,000 americans may enroll in the new federally funded program. >> you talk directly to the radiation oncologist. >> reporter: 29 states in the district of columbia will run their own high-risk programs using their share of a $5 billion federal pool of money set aside. 21 others have opted out. in those states h.h.s. will run the pools through a third party administrator. to qualify applicants must be an american citizen, have been denied coverage by an insurer because of a medical condition, and be uninsured for at least six months. for carol, all of this can't come soon enough. right now he's stuck paying out of pocket for her medical care and prescription medication which she estimates totals $8,000 a year. >> for me to see my cardiologist again, i should have another echo cardio gram. that will be $1200. in the back of my mind there's always that fear, you know, if i have a twinge in my heart or one day i might be feeling a little
. >>> and at this hour, an fda hearing continues in maryland invol involving qunexa. that's a diet drug that promises to fight pounds and lower the oboats rate. 30% of adults are overweight. qnexa is the first weight loss drug in over a decade and now the fda is looking at whether it is safe. nbc's chief health correspondent bob bazell joins us live from washington, d.c. bob, what makes this qnexa different from other drugs we've seen in the past, especially some that have been controversial and eventually taken off the market? >> reporter: that's the big question, tamron, that's in front of the advisory panel that's going to advise the leadership of the fda about whether to approve this drug. this drug contains two ingredients, and one of them is the same thing that was in fen-phen, which was a diet drug that was taken off the market ten years ago because it caused serious heart problems. and they're looking -- and this drug has side effects. there has been no indication so far of heart problems, other than an increased heart beat. there are problems with emotional changes, with lack of sleep and th
excessively hot. in maryland, for example, they have already equaled the number of heat-related deaths offant. they have for all of last year. today in washington, d.c., baltimore, 100 degrees expected. at land da with 89 degrees. 85 in northerly. 85 in miami. all cooler than what to expect in parts of the northeast. 93 in kansas city. the only thing heating up is the tropics as they are getting active. coming up, we'll give you the full scope of the tropical weather. back to you, kyra. >> thank you, reynolds. >>> so did you wake up this morning with your ears ringing after celebrating america's birthday? check out this spectacular fireworks display at the washington monument. last night the nation's capital put on quite a celebration for the fourth of july. >>> and thomas jefferson says the cement of this union is the heartblood of every american, even heartbreaking americans can celebrate the fourth. the entire gulf region finally forgot the gulf disaster for a little while. and new york harbor exploded into a blaze of color. this is the view on the west side of atlanta. he probably hasn't
>> a live shot. looking at german town, maryland. the epi center that hit the earthquake this morning. 3.6 magnitude. all of the men on the set said they felt it and they jumped out of bed. norah and i felt nothing. mark penn is here now. he felt it. welcome back to "morning joe." quick look at the news. >>> the senate has given final approval to a sweeping overhaul of financial regulation. nearly two years after the start of the wall street meltdown. among the changes, the law creates a new consumer protection agency and imposes new regulations on banks and limits risky trading practices. president obama says he will sign the bull into law nemt week. >>> apple reportedly not recall the iphone 4 which it holds a press conference this morning. since its release last month the phone has been dogged by reports of reception problems and, yesterday, "the wall street journal" reported a senior engineer warned apple executives of possible antenna issues a year ago but a company spokesman says it's simply not true. >>> mark penn, dr. zbigniew brzezinski and norah o'donnell next on "morning joe."
bieber. and the winner is cindy francis from baltimore, maryland. congratulations, cindy. >> nice. meanwhile, president obama delivering a big speech on immigration claiming that illegals make a mockery of legal immigrants. listen. >> the presence of so many illegal immigrants makes a mockery of all those who are going through the process of immigrating legally. indeed, after years of patchwork fixes and ill conceived revisions, the legal immigration system is as broken as the borders. >> so why, then, is the president in favor of amnesty? with us now is congressman lewis guitterez who attended the president's speech yesterday and california representative and immigration reform caucus chairman, brian bilbrey. thanks for being here. >> good morning. >> ok, congressman, i want to begin with you fortunately the president said it's impossible to round up and deport all 11 million illegal immigrants here. some people think that number is higher. 12 million or 13 million. do you agree with him? if so, what's the solution? >> i don't agree we have to round them up. they came up here
for the future. 5700 new jobs that makes maryland more competitive in the world economy. without governor o'malley, this expansion would never have happened. his commitment to upgrading our port and fighting for our workers is unparalleled. martin o'malley, there's never a doubt who's side he's on. martin o'malley. moving maryland forward. >>> she is the academy of country music entertainer of the year. it's a title she's held for two straight years. ladies and gentlemen, carrie underwood. ♪ you better take it from me that boy is like a disease ♪ you want to get out but he's holding you down because you can't live ♪ ♪ without one more touch he's a good-time cowboy casanova ♪ ♪ leaning up against the record machine pe looks like ♪ ♪ a cool drink of water but he's candy-coated misery ♪ ♪ he's the devil in disguise a snake with blue eyes and he only comes out ♪ ♪ at night gives you feelings that you don't want to fight ♪ ♪ you better run for your life i see that look on your face ♪ ♪ you ain't hearing what i say so i'll say it again ♪ ♪ because i've been whe
of the university of maryland center for environmental science. also on this panel, there's terry garcia, a "national geographic" society executive and cherry murray, dean of harvard's school of engineering school. francis ulme, lance chore of the university of alaska anchorage. there is no one from the oil and gas commission and that omission has been at the is center of the criticism of the panel. >> yes. when we look at this, that is the center of the argument. and we look at the issue of objectivity and don't have any representation from the oil company or from the oil industry. how is that going to affect their efficacy going forward once they come forward with what their findingings are? >> i actually spoke with the panel's communication director this morning about the criticism and he says that they just hired a science adviser who worked for 30 years at shell as a deepwater drilling engineer. i asked if it was in response to all of this criticism and he said no, they were planning to do that all along. you know, there have been pretty harsh words. take a listen to this op-ed from
, maryland auto dealer jack fitzgerald. four of his auto franchises were lost. >> it was wrong. it was obviously wrong. anyone in the business knows that that was wrong. it was a mistake. it was really hurting chrysler and gm. it wasn't helping them. and it was hurting the economy. everything about it was wrong. it was a bad idea. >> reporter: as the economy was in a tail spin in early 2009, auto companies were required by the obama administration to restructure as a condition to receiving federal bailout money. but a new report from the special inspector general overseeing the t.a.r.p. bailout program found the president's auto task force largely ignored the impact on jobs. the inspector general says in fact the auto dealership closings were not vital to the survival of the automakers. >> as suggested in their letter if they hadn't done this accelerated job loss for the dealership closings that this somehow would have put the auto companies in jeopardy? that they would have failed immediately? it's just not true. we saw nothing to support that. >> reporter: the report comes ju
. >> reporter: now a half year later, she's on vacation in maryland visiting her grandparents. she's starting to talk and she's usually a happy and exuberant child. >> she really is a diva. >> reporter: you mean that affectionately? >> she'll walk out of restaurants and say, bye, guys. she pinches and she bites. she hits a lot. she'll sit me down and say, no, mommy, like try and put me in time-out of some sort. >> reporter: giving you the time-out. >> she needs control back. that's what she's trying to do. >> reporter: though jenna's been through much, elizabeth hopes she will soon outgrow her anger. but no matter what happens, she wants her 2-year-old to know she will always be there for her. >> she has made my life so much richer, but also just -- like i said when i met you right after the earthquake, it's like she's always been here. she's special. >> reporter: these are trying times for this new mother. but i've known elizabeth now for almost six months. we've become friends and i would bet my rent money that she and jenna will thrive. richard? >> gary, great piece. i was noticing how emo
; the delegate will prevent what he hopes will be maryland's new immigration law. it will allow officers to acquire about citizenship status. and he sent out the surveys to potential lawmakers and the results will be known next month. >>> and the city 5-year-old who ran into the path of a police officer has been issued a police apology. the high ranking officer brought him a homemade chocolate cake and two oriole bobbleheads. the officer couldn't stop intime and broke the boy's leg. >>> the squad training camp begins for the raven's today. the raven's cheerleaders unveiled their calendar last night. the fans got to meet them and get autographs. ,,,,,,,, [ male announcer ] are you watching cable? here's what you should be watching: your cable bill, because you could be paying way too much. stop spending more for second best. upgrade to verizon fios and get tv, internet and phone for just $99.99 a month. and here's a special bonus: you'll also get the fios tv movie package -- 60 premium channels, including starz and showtime -- plus epix -- free for 12 months. and now there's no term contr
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